ThreatSweep is a powerful, proactive, and comprehensive service unlike anything in the cyber protection business. With the recent increase in cybersecurity breaches across every industry, the need for detection and regulation has also increased.

ThreatSweep performs a Cyber Threat Hunt on your network using our proprietary technology. We go into your network to hunt and identify any latent or existing threats that exist within your company network. Once your network is clean and free from all cyber threats, we will issue your company our Clean Network Certificate (CNC).

ThreatSweep uses the same cybersecurity software used by several federal agencies; it identifies unauthorized processes associated with:

Malware • Viruses • Ransomware • Fraudulent Phishing Attacks • Hacking • & Imposter Scams

We back up our performance with a warranty up to $250,000 for one full year on each computer in your network.


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The Number of New Samples of Malware Every Day


The Average Cost of a Breach

Why ThreatSweep is so comprehensive

It is the only solution on the market that does all of the following:

  • Scans your computer utilizing military-grade machine learning technologies to find any sophisticated or hidden threats. Anti-virus programs will not find these vulnerabilities.
  • Provides certification that assures your customers, clients, investors, board of directors, and anyone that has interest that your sensitive private information is safe and secure from all cyber threats
  • Provides you with a simple dashboard for consistent 24/7/365 self-monitoring
  • Continuously monitors your system and provides instant alerts if an incoming threat is detected on your certified system (ThreatSweep has never missed an incoming threat)
  • Immediately identifies, alerts, and provides history for forensics and resolution of any incoming threat
  • Only product on the market with a $250,000 performance warranty should we fail to do any of the above


Interested in ThreatSweep for your business?

Sample Scenarios

Consult the scenarios below to gain a better understanding of exactly how ThreatSweep protects your interest.


I have a small business that has changed from office work to work from home. With the change in operations, I no longer have visibility to determine the security status of my company laptops.

With the ThreatSweep completed and our Cyber Hunt Services running, the administrator can have peace of mind with real-time visibility of potential missing security patches, along with any other existing cyber security threats, even from a work from home employee. Our continuous Cyber Threat Hunt services only need an internet connection from anywhere to provide you visibility of your computers. No more rogue computers with unmonitored security status.

The operations manager of a law firm that specializes in high value real estate closings has been concerned that they were hacked. A customer had filed a civil lawsuit because a hacker had fooled them with a spoofed (fake) email from what appeared to be the law office. The spoofed email was directing the customer to wire transfer money to a new account for a property they were buying, and unfortunately the customer sent the wire transfer to a hacker and lost money.

We completed a ThreatSweep of the law firm and continued our Cyber Threat Hunt services on every computer in the organization and within the first 24 hours they determined they did not have any symptoms of being hacked. This proof and cyber validation saved the law firm over $500,000 in litigation and penalties had they been unable to prove they were not hacked.

A business with roughly 100 employees was affected by Ransomware.

Following ThreatSweep installation and after running our Cyber Threat Hunt services, within seconds of detection, the administrators were notified of a security alert via text message. The IT administrators were able to instantly pinpoint the affected computer and remove it from the network to prevent any lateral movements or damage from occurring. Our Cyber Hunt Services have been 100% effective in detecting all known variants of ransomware that have been tested.